Aluminium Profile 8 160x28

Aluminium Profile 8 160x28
Aluminium Profile 8 160x28Aluminium Profile 8 160x28Aluminium Profile 8 160x28
Brand:Aluminium Profile Extrusion
Product Code: ART01521
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Aluminium Profile 8 160x28

This Series 8 Aluminium Profile Extrusion is suitable for highly stressed structures. The central cavity can act as a carrier for several integrated compressed air lines for pneumatic functions.

Material: AlMgSi0.5 F25 anodized
Weight: 8.16 kg / m
Section Area: : 30.93 cm ²
Length Tolerance: +30 / +35 mm
Extrusion Length: 6 meter


TYPE D£4.99

Please read the Cutting Instruction on how to specify your cutting requirements.


Thread Tapping£4.99 each
Universal Connector Hole£1.99 each
Standard Connector Hole£1.35 each

Please read the Drilling or Tapping instructions if you have requirements for these.

Quantity Discount
Product level quantity discounts are available on all aluminium profile extrusions. The order quantity is the total for all cut lengths for a given product. Your discount will be calculated on checkout and itemised per specific profile (also viewable in your basket).


The maximum weight you can have on your total order and have an automatic shipping quote calculated is 200Kg. If you wish to order more then please contact us on for a custom shipping quote.

The following formulas are for use with static loads only using pivot points as described below. For dynamic loads please refer to relevant literature.

 F=Load N   (1Kg ≈ 10N)
 L=Profile Length mm
 I=Moment of Inertia    
 E=Elastic Modulus70,000 N/mm2 (Aluminium)
End load on cantilever profile extrusion with single fixed support:
moment_paramsfall 1
Centre load on profile extrusion with two simple supports:
moment_paramsfall 2
Centre load on profile extrusion with two fixed supports:
moment_paramsfall 3

Note: This calculation is subject to change. Metallin assumes no liability for the correct result or for any consequences of the calculation results.

Sale Unitper metre
Product Number0.0.026.85
Product CodeP816028
Moment of Inertia - X20.49 cm4
Moment of Inertia - Y726.82 cm4
Dimension160 x 28 mm
Weight8.460 Kg/m
Seriesline 8

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